Business membership provides the IP used as the foundation blocks to launch, manage and grow your business.

Following in the tradition of educational curriculum development specialists, our engineers have put together a series of easy to understand, easy to use apps that dramatically simplify how and where anyone can use our business blocks to implement new and cutting edge ways of doing business. The technologies included within the business stacks enable you to build real-world businesses and take your talents in new and surprising ways.

Welcome to the datamazing everything-app™ business membership subscription.

Below are all apps you get access to for just 19.95 per month, per seat when subscribing to the annual plan.​
The following is a description of membership services and benefits.Your basic monthly membership comes with access to these five media assets and output to one template feature.
  1. A media element is the type of media you can import and post to your barcode print file. 
  2. If you select photograph, you can drag and drop up to 5,000 photographs to be displayed on the mobile app viewer. 
  3. If you select Video Files, you can both record, edit and post your own video, select YouTube clips and other linked video files to be posted for mobile viewing. 
  4. Audio files are similar in that they enable the recording of your voice messages much like an answering machine for playback by whomever receives and scans your code. 
  5. Text Items are types SMS, Text files or documents (.pdf, Word, Notes and other text and graphic based documents such as page layouts, restaurant menus, specials etc. 
  6. Insert Graphics controls the preview header and footer of your mobile app so when your message recipient scans your code, they instantly see what data is attached on the header and footer of the scanning screen. 

It's super easy to build a meta message link in just a few simple steps.

Select what kind of barcode / QR code meta message link you would like to build.
Under the Meta+ canvas builder, drag and drop what type of content you want in your meta message.
Click on the icon to select the appropriate type of content you are building from your mobile device or desktop/laptop computer. You can also specify a google drive or iCloud drive to use as a data source.
Simply print a barcode output from the print engine where you can specify type, size, output format and resolution of the barcode, Qr-Code, or output to one of 36 types of barcodes from the menu. Then click on the generate link and then save your output file.

Select and store elements under icons used in your meta message.