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There are two schools of thought when it comes to Blockchain development. Most associate blockchain with the instability of trading coins on the Stockmarket like Bitcoin or Ethereum that are affected by market fluctuation and the whims of stock traders, when in reality, behind these tokens is a secure and virtually impenetrable technology stack that provides a secure footprint for detecting modifications to each and every transaction taking place on the platforms used to generate these tokens. 

To understand what this means is to understand that there is a way to conduct business and take advantage of the stability of each transaction without being affected by the fluctuations that add or devalue products and services that are traditionally based on a given FIAT currency. Apps can now be designed in such a way that they are unaffected by traditional valuation methods which are critical to protecting the price value of any goods or services being purchased or sold through real-time valuation versus currency that is manipulated by third parties or governments.

Blockchain is essentially an unbiased modification notification framework to single or multiple party transactions stored in what we call an “original state” or contract. What this means is when a change to a contract is made, such as a recipient, a percentage, a date, a time or any number of programmable states in software, a branch and identifier to that branch is created to implement a sort of time-stamp that helps the system located the branch in whichever blockchain has been modified. 

Policies can be set into preferences to do things like create modals (pop-up windows) to notify a party to the contract that a change has been made to the original contract and through the use of these policies, give each member of the original state of a contract the ability to approve or deny such modifications, hence the name “Smart Contract”.

That is central to business. 

 Taking the technology a step further, we can use state identifiers on a CCD or pixel to indicate whether it has an approved pattern or state like the usage of a trademarked logo at a specific pixel count and ‘other’ detectable anti-counterfeit measures which enable the system to validate whether a product identifier has the right credentials to open its remotely or locally accessible data store. The original identifier is then stored in a smart contract and policy is written to protect access to that content only by authorized parties. 

If you set the app parameters to deny access to unapproved third parties, the content or data store can be locked to prevent intrusion. 

Simple but powerful.

That is an advantage of Web3 over traditional Web2 or Saas technologies. 

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Everybody drones on and on about how they are experts at this or that, Talk with developers who are here to demystify the process and provide you the insights for real time monitored, successful marketing campaigns. What's your strategy?

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A framework is the building block for success for real world scalability.
We specialize in stacks, API communication layers and extensible frameworks that are used to build an incredible foundation for a successful application foundation.

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Browser free apps are the next wave for the future of Web applications. Does your dev team understand Blockchain, Bitcoin, ethereum, solidity, Fiat Rails, Virtual merchandising, NFT and other Token Technologies? We thought so, Call Us.

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Have an idea that you'd like to see on your site? We are the place to turn for your design and creative needs. An arsenal of hundreds of apps, tools, licensed frameworks, and more to put your brand in the lead.

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We love Apple, Alphabet, WordPress, AWS, Solidity, W3 & Blockchain for dApps, and have created a long list of useful applications to prove it.

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Building blocks are used to create better web experiences. Our team will provide you with proven and effective processes to help you reach your goals. From flowcharts to Beta to release, you can do this.

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UX is the how and UI is how it looks. Our apps have raised everything from eyebrows to capital. Have an award winning, UI/UX team in your tool arsenal. Specializing in wireframe, data analysis, layout design, flow, branding integration, prototyping, build and security for your site.

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Wordpress is the Worlds leading (by far) CMS platform and element or is the magic that brings it all together. Don't let your brand suffer because of missing skills and expert insights to your web presence. Call us today, and learn what we can do for you.

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From recording to production, capture to print, content in and content out, we are leaders in FC Studio, Motion Design , Universe CLT, 3d Modeling, Animation, scene dev, blue / green screen, virtual set design, integrated real time CG Capture and much more.

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