Songtracks is an application designed to have recording artists, musicians, bands, songwriters and others,  assemble and manage the distribution and commerce transactions related to the transmission of audio tracks, video, photographic and other materials directly to the listener over their own private cloud account.

The Songtracks application front-end is very easy to learn due to it’s step by step assembly of aggregated content that can be distributed in a large number of methods including 1d and 2d barcode formats as well as other in the works, ai-based methods of distribution.

The Laymen’s definition is that the album’s digital formatting used on CD or DVD disks can now be assembled and managed over a cloud-based connection to the enterprise server, and is accessible to the listener through the simple scanning of Product Identifying Serial Codes that when scanned, trigger a number of events within the viewers mobile device to connect the artists content directly to the listener.

The implications of this technology enable the viewer/listener to access content from untraditional sources such as printed media and marketing materials with minimal replication cost to the artists or distributor. You can literally print your next album of the highest quality audio and video formats on a physical piece of cardboard. Now you can produce your next album release on a .01 penny print.

Welcome to the next revolution of digital media distribution.

Songtracks Logo

Songtracks Assembler.  

The goal of creating the Songtracks API was to enable an artist to be able to freely create and securely distribute material over a cloud based connection point directly to the listener.

Considerations for the platform were to enable the artists materials to easily be distributed along with their recorded content to the listener. 

Content that is distributied within the same stream also includes StemTracks, Music Videos as well as live streams of the artists in-concert, Photographs and Graphics to help identify the artist and their materials as well as connectivity points to listener retainment such as custom ticketing, clubs,newsletter, post sale engagement etc.

Primary considerations were split amongst ease-of-use, minimizing replication costs, and minimal restraints of content distribution for the artists. This created a quality of service that rivals some of the best mobile platforms while also providing opt-in / critical information about the listener/fan preferences, links and associative info about the experience, material, and similar preferences.

Audio Tools – Track Builder. 

Assembly of each of the artists song tracks are as easy as setting the following items:

  1. Copyright date
  2. Track price (What the artists charges per track,)
  3. Track time
  4. Track name which is also displayed in the player
  5. Track number
  6. Graphic element for each song or all songs of the playlist
  7. 30 second clip (pre-purchase preview of track)
  8. Full track (Material released when the track is purchased either individually or as part of a collection of tracks (Album)
  9. Individual sku# that helps identify what item is being purchased.

Songtracks (Mobile UI)

Key takeaways from the Mobile app user interface is how each track is displayed from the backend assembler.

The Album assembler compiles the uploaded content starting with the Album Graphic Card Image which is selected each time you want to use the assembler to create a new collection/album of track recordings. The tracks, are divided between two content links, the first of which the user drags an audio recording in each of two slots that are for the storage and playback of a preview mode song, or a full length song.

What separates these is the commerce function where the artists determine the track price and enables the short clip of the track to be played freely by the listener.  Once the lister previews the track, they decide on whether to purchase the track, select multiple tracks for purchase or receive a discounted rate to purchase the complete album of soundtracks.

Songtracks Mobile App. (iOS and Android compatible)

When designing the mobile platform for playback of artists materials, we chose to design a dynamic content assembler that would create a useful method of assembling materials into the navigation player. Icons, don’t appear in the Apps User Interface (UI) unless the artists chooses to populate that section of the xerial assembler with relevant data. 

Photo Gallery

Drag and drop virtually unlimited images, photos and more for listener interaction. Songtracks automatically formats your images into a built-in gallery.

When assembling the app user interface, each of the functions listed in the assembler adds capabilities for the user to interact with. These features are assembled dynamically on the fly. 

Track Playback

Each track assembled from the add track feature allows the builder to select the individual image for both the album, artist as well as the individual track.

In both preview and purchase mode, the commerce aspect of the app is managed by the mobile app and offers track purchase in either electronic or register based transaction.

Dynamic navigation and feature assembly 

The main benefit of using Songtracks to assemble a collection of tracks is in its ability to dynamically assemble content  as the consumer interacts with the app. It’s never been easier to assemble materials for distribution to the consumer. 

The navigation payne of the consumer app only displays content from a multitude of APIs that are used to add connected functionality to the mobile app. At the bottom of each assembled album of tracks are the navigation functions that enable audio, video, photographic, media and other elements to be distributed directly from the artist’s data-store over the cloud.