Record, manage and send video, photos, audio messages and more with Greetings+

Greetings+ makes it simple for you to record and link audio, video, and pictures to any printable surface.

Did you know: 76% of all Internet bandwidth is driven by video content.
Capture your part of the revolution with recordable QR Codes.

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Faqs (Frequently asked questions)

A recordable QR code is essentially an address much like a URL where rich media assets can be recorded and played back to whomever you send the code.

What makes a Greetings+ code special is they are dynamic and take advantage of smartphone features through the use of dynamic assembly of applications at runtime. This provides app level functionality using machine learning and greatly simplifies the development and distribution of content for both sender and recipient.

There are many variations of a typical use case. In a nutshell, the user sticks a label onto the surface; they’d like to attach a link to content they can either record from the Greetings+ app or select from existing content already on their device. When the item that has the label attached is sent to another person, they simply open their smartphone and point the camera app at the label to open the link to the senders content. That’s it.

Absolutely yes. These are dynamic Codes which mean they can be updated as long as the code exists.

We see a great tool that is readily available for license to third parties as well as stand alone products that are in the pipeline and will be released as we are able. We count on support from the community to continue our development plans and if you love our products, help us out an subscribe.

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