Building an inclusive
community platform


We are committed to transparency and stability in everything we do. That’s why we welcome clear regulation and value our engagement with our clients. We partner with leading global companies who utilize our technology and leverage its capabilities to further pursue open and inclusive communications between parties. We are leading a more responsible, stable future for social media and support privacy which we believe is a fundamental human right.



Michael is responsible for application capabilities, technology design, framework, UI/UX, strategy, vision and operating execution at Datamazing, Inc. Overland Park, KS. He brings more than three decades of experience building and leading global internet platform teams as well as bringing the vision and foundation to datamazing for all of its current software projects.

His experience includes branding, product supply chain, non-degreed mechanical and electrical engineering specific to product design, sales lead generation, marketing, merchandising and more. 

As founder and CEO of DIFUSI, primary skills included developing manufacturing and supply chain for a large variety of hardware and packaging, as the founder and leader of Wowww, Inc his primary focus was the development of a high-end pro audio, lighting and staging company and as founder and CEO of datamazing, Inc. 

He’s gone on to produce several software products including Greetings+, Tickets, Songtracks, and SkubaCart.  

Wright has worked as a technology consultant and technologist for companies such as Motorola ESD Austin, Quark Inc Denver, Adobe systems and others.


Songtracks® – The worlds first label and distribution network that combines a digital POS system with direct to listener, cloud-based distribution of artist, writer and performance materials.

ASK (Applicant Survival Kit)® – A truly immersive Job Applicant network for employment opportunities in medical sales, executive management, information technology and startup community.

Greetings+® – Technology designed to attach digital assets to real-world objects and surfaces.

SkubaCart™The worlds first ePOS and customer retention platform built directly into your products barcode and PISC identifiers. Put your products in the hands of your customers on their terms. “Brick & Mortar” optional.

Tickets – The worlds first ticketing distribution platform for the electronic on-demand enhanced concert services.


We pool talent from across the World. Our primary dev team is USA based with leading developers based globally. As a startup, we envision a global community to create a global application that is inclusive and welcoming to all parties, regardless of Age, Race, Ethnic Background, Religious Views or Sexual Orientation. 

The platform is an in-house designed stack based on LAMP with the  framework API’s designed around multiple frameworks and software programming skills related to Java, J-Query – Javascript, PHP, Sql, Oracle and others.


To help with our development costs and to provide our users the best possible experience, we charge a small membership fee each month and discount those fees when a user subscribes to the site annually. The primary use of proceeds goes to pay for storage, security and software development.


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