Connect with the future of digital music content distribution through a hybrid W3 Platform - Indie level freedom with dApps designed for recording artists.

Preview new applications designed to run from a W3 decentralized framework,.


What makes the platform different is the use of ERC20 compliment Application technologies built to use  Ethereum Smart Contracts for Solidity.


Through building consensus between parties our apps are designed to create Links to reporting capabilities that are accurate up to nine decimal points and transparent for all parties involved.  The technology is at the heart of the core functionality of key components within the application itself.


Songtracks, which is the foundation framework to several new dApps built to operate over w3 or Web 3, is first in a series of new apps, that have been designed to merge real world and augmented experiences into a portal view environment using the consumer smartphone and other AR/VR segmented platforms. We have created the worlds first set of tools designed to simplify the creation of ERC20 compliant smart contracts for Blockchain as well as implement a new reportable distribution medium designed for recording artists, musicians, performers, and other digital rights holders looking to eliminate the middlemen. 

Our Songtack framework includes a new sales and distribution reporting function that pulls data directly from each smart-contract instantly in an open and transparent way, while also providing incredible features enabling new channels of distribution for digital assets far beyond traditional click, brick and mortar retailers. It's like an automated, transparent, record label where fee's are negotiated once and revenue streams compile into a working wage for the creative arts community.


We've designed our framework to run up to 9 decimal points in each contract which opens the door for much larger opportunities and a much bigger scope of the kinds of services that can be brought to your implementation. Think of it like a carpool where everyone in the carpool is on the path to your destination. Couldn't come at a better time for an industry that has been decimated by technology..

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