Datamazing Management Team

Mike Wright - President, Founder,  CEO (913) 544-7426 - Executive Biography

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Michael Wright – President, Founder, CTO, CEO  – Mr. Wright brings over 35 years of experience in product design, building IP portfolios, sales channel development, database architecture, framework design, product engineering, logic design, and relationship-building to the management team at Datamazing, Inc.


 The technology bug started with Michael founding and publishing a national print and digital magazine at the age of 17 and by the age of 24 created the ION Network to bring the KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom) technologies to merge with ION for a series of public access terminals in 1996. The Xerial platform is an extension of that original ION Network which dates back to 1996. Advances in software made the project more feasible so the datamazing company was formed in 2020 to turn that vision for the ION Network into the Xerial platform and the company datamazing was formed around his plans to roll-out that vision as a collection of tools that anyone could learn to use to create an augmented reality, omni-channel experience.. 

Wright has been a consultant at Motorola’s ESD Group, also personally funding a LED Digital Television prototype for Hitachi Brisbane CA, working for his mentor Nick Smith (GE Capital) who supported his vision to develop Apple Accessories for the Apple G4 Tower, Mac mini and other various products under the name of DIFUSI Inc.

Wright is the author and creator of many patents including one of the world’s first digital imaging camera function over cellular packets using IP (Patented) also the designer of the algorithm and logic behind PISC (Product Identifying Serial Codes), with numerous copyright and trademarks. Xerial alone is a combination of hundreds of algorithms covering all segments of industry and commerce, from publishing, security, economics, transactional processes, health care, personal communications, 1d, 2d and AI/ml product identifiers, anti-counterfeiting methods, product serialization, communications and data policies.

He states, “We have proven that in a short time, we can do amazing and groundbreaking things,” We are fortunate to have a programming team that sees our vision and are able to translate the logic  into code and that code is at the heart of our platform. Wright brings the creative vision, skill, and enthusiasm to drive the company’s success forward, with a passion for technology.

This company was created by artists, for artists. It’s time to take back we create and be able to navigate the new digital age. Unchained.

Legal Counsel - Intellectual Property


Rexford Brabson -San Diego, California – Legal Counsel

Trademarks, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Copyrights, Trade Secrets


Managed and ran international adversarial dockets for multinational corporations in over 30 countries including initial communications, oppositions, cancellations, invalidation actions, and settlement agreements

Conducted national and international trademark searches via the Saegis database, including drafting and approving search queries, pulling relevant hits, and drafting reporting letters and memoranda to clients

Prepared Responses to Office Action, demand letters, licensing agreements, and settlement agreements

Assisted senior attorneys with forming international prosecution portfolios for clients, including Sections 44(D) and (E) of the Lanham Act; reported national and international Office Actions to clients

Provided trademark litigation support by drafting and filing pleadings, motions, and memoranda via CM/ECF