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Introducing XerialOS Product Identifier preview

OS independent applications for managing embedded product information organic identifiers and services.

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  • Audio Recording Manager (Online)
  • Video Recording Manager (Online)
  • Barcode Print Manager (Online)
  • Ticketing Module (Coming Soon)
  • Photo editor (with linked PIDs) (Online)
  • Unity Codes (Charitable Giving) (Online)
  • Module Dock Framework (Online)
  • Print framework (Online)
  • Module Selector framework (Online)
  • PHP, Python, Laravel, Yii2 frameworks (Active)
  • Songtracks Preview framework (Online)
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XerialOS is a platform designed for the management of cloud-based, dynamic, omnichannel distributed content.

Xerial enables your business to put information in front of people for products that are relevant to their interests and purchasing history.

Matching potential customers with the right offers make conversions more likely and increases the efficiency of your advertising spend. These tools help to reduce your cost per acquisition (CPA), which puts more profit in your hands.

Xerial is the platform that is taking customer acquisition to the next level. Now reach customers, long after the sales process has ended and the product packaging becomes the link to your enhanced media services.

We create tools that expand your marketing reach by hitting that sweet spot where customer need meets consumer interest. The tools we have created will open new channels of thought in terms of enhancing product messaging long after it leaves the supply chain.

Learn how XerialOS tools can help your brand reach new customers through dynamic product data linking.

Assemble, manage, and track product identifiers & barcodes embedded in print media. Through these powerful  and Intuitive  tools.

Gain dramatic insights into your marketing practices and what it means to your existing ERP platform. Enjoy our disertation.

Securely generate static or dynamic 1d and 2d barcodes. Export to EPS, Excel, Pdf. Instantly connect to existing 1d barcodes.

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Generate high volume static or dynamic QR Codes over the internet or build your own licensed server to manage your own.

Omni Channel & Meta Object Content Delivery

Connect to your customers organically. Your branded items are the gateway link to a dynamic virtua media platform designed for the sole purpose of connecting your customers to your products and each other. Right from your products packaging.

We currently offer 29 fully customizable APIs and modules across multiple enterprise channels.

We've design Javascript Objects that tie-in to our software platform to deliver an unrivaled experience to branded products. Experience CRM expansion in exciting, limitless ways. Just call us (408) 955-4955 to schedule a fireside chat.
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Extending ERP (Enterprise Resource Platform) from CRM through POS, supply chain, employee management and more, with cloud based extensible software add-ons to manage and connect your products to the Metaverse. 

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